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well heres what i found out


Inventions of writing

Sumer, an ancient civilization of southern Mesopotamia, is believed to be the place where written language was first invented around 3200 BCE

Writing numbers for the purpose of record keeping began long before the writing of language. See History of writing ancient numbers for how the writing of numbers began.

It is generally agreed that true writing of language (not only numbers) was invented independently in at least two places: Mesopotamia (specifically, ancient Sumer) around 3200 BCE and Mesoamerica around 600 BCE. Several Mesoamerican scripts are known, the oldest being from the Olmec or Zapotec of Mexico.

It is debated whether writing systems were developed completely independently in Egypt around 3200 BCE and in China around 1200 BCE, or whether the appearance of writing in either or both places was due to cultural diffusion (i.e. the concept of representing language using writing, if not the specifics of how such a system worked, was brought by traders from an already-literate civilization).

Chinese characters are probably an independent invention, because there is no evidence of contact between China and the literate civilizations of the Near East,[3] and because of the distinct differences between the Mesopotamian and Chinese approaches to logography and phonetic representation.[4] Egyptian script is dissimilar from Mesopotamian cuneiform, but similarities in concepts and in earliest attestation suggest that the idea of writing may have come to Egypt from Mesopotamia.[5] In 1999, Archaeology Magazine reported that the earliest Egyptian glyphs date back to 3400 BCE, which “…challenge the commonly held belief that early logographs, pictographic symbols representing a specific place, object, or quantity, first evolved into more complex phonetic symbols in Mesopotamia.”[6]

Similar debate surrounds the Indus script of the Bronze Age Indus Valley civilization in Ancient India (3200 BCE). In addition, the script is still undeciphered and there is debate over whether the script is true writing at all, or instead some kind of proto-writing or non-linguistic sign system.

An additional possibility is the undeciphered Rongorongo script of Easter Island. It is debated whether this is true writing, and if it is, whether it is another case of cultural diffusion of writing. The oldest example is from 1851, 139 years after their first contact with Europeans. One explanation is that the script was inspired by Spain‘s written annexation proclamation in 1770.[7]

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story ideas


any one have a story idea for me

if so send me an email at


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my sose mini project boer wars



Boer War 1899-1902

The Boer war was a war fought between the British and the Boer people.

It started when the British people ended 250 years of Dutch rule at the cape in 1814. In 1847 ten years after the hardly, unforgiving  Dutch settlers had trekked north to escape British rule and found their own republics.

Info from:










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Nicos Story By Emily Webster


This story is finished but its all i have done



Nico the path of anger is not a good one it has one way out that one way out is by death. ”Uncle I know what I’m doing and where I am going and it is not down the dark paths no it is a path of justices.”  ” I now proclaim that prince tom is a traitor and if seen he must be brought to me alive.. ” My brother my own kin turned on me when I needed him most how  could he do that to me I was always there for him I always helped him he was the only family I had left .  AHHHHH I hate him I hate his dam n guts


Nico path of hatred


The scream of anguish echoed through the palace hall. Nico leave you anger behind. Because of your brothers betrayal you are the new king “no I shall not be king not yet because first I need to eliminate the enemies of my father’s country even if that includes my brother and I must also be eliminated.  Uncles prepare your three best men to ride. I must visit my cousin tell him of the news , then bring him back with me , then we shall have a small quite coronation keep that news as secret and at the right time my cousin shall be king the day I die so keep him safe.


It was a good three days ride to Nico cousin which was good because Nico needed to think.  I’ve got to figure out how to Ditch these people but still make sure that they take Aurther  my  cousin if they don’t my uncle will take the throne and I have no idea what he would do.  It was a very long three days for the men to ride but they did it intact they did it in two days because they rode all last night. the night befor they would arrivive  nio couldn’t stop thinking about what his cousin would look like ….. the last time they had meet they where boys of about 8


No no no no   COUSIN COUSIN.” His cousin’s house was a ruin the house was scorched all over.  ”JAMES James are you here cousin” Nico I’m stuck help me help me. Nico dismounted from his horse and ran over t words the place he thought his cousins voice had sounded from” “Cousin say something anything.”  Nothing no sound came not even the horses moved “NICO.” At last Nico found his cousin. He was half buried in brick wood and other rubbish. Tom he he did this to me. Why? Why did he do this has he gone mad?  ”No not completely it’s difficult to explain but I will tell you everything on the way to the castle. I spent the whole trip up here thinking that I might be able to ditch the guards but make sure that they take you home.  Why There are a few things that I need to take care of before I can accept the fate that my brother has chosen for himself. You see the time is coming were I will have to face my brother but after that time only one of us will continue to walked over this ground because the other will Be under the ground. But I can’t leave you like this with these people I don’t trust them. “Well in your case it no wonder you don’t trust them I mean everything collapsed right in front of your eyes.


The next three days passed by very quickly with the company of James. Why did tom turn on you, on his people, on every one? I don’t know he just left maybe is because I almost had him killed maybe he was distort by father’s death I I just don’t know. There is one thing I know though I know that he has one more chance to prove hes good if he does not prove he shall be put to death…  Nico surely you won’t you can’t I mean he could have a perfectly good reason. He would have told me if he had a good reason or maybe I was the reason. Just in case I am I must die. I shall take my own life but don’t tell anyone James because if you do you better hope you can run from ghosts. Remember not words James to any one not even to your self-got it. Silence entered the room for a minute “Yes nico” “Good. For now I must bid you Far-well. We shall meet aging my king i know it.”


Nico ran down the hall and before he realized how fast he was going crack he ran into the wall “Ah.” His scream was quietish but soon he heard the drumming of feet on the stone floor. “Damn it” This time his voice was less then a whisper but still audible.


Nico was easing him self up of the floor so carefull as to not make any noise


the drumming sounds were getting closer


forgetting how much his head hurt he jumped up off the floor, he ran cautiously this time. in a few minutes and had reached the door that out to the village. he stopped for a moment then noticing the drumming sounds once more made another quick flash of energy putting a fair  distance between him and the castle. He looked back once more then deciding he did the right thing he kept running  away from both the village and the castle    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ sir a letter has been found at the door.


Im happy to inform you i have taken away your dear prince Nico. he will be spending his next few minutes hidden away befor i kill him you have two minutes to find out where i am even if you do itll still be to late


goodbye from the shade slayer ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  “Who is the shade slayer?” remus asked  courious to know. well sir i do belive hes one of those Evil master minds that the children hear about from a story man or a spinner…..


really a fabled man has come and taken our last hope from us…….. his sarcusom  clearly visable well i didn’t say that it was that exact man . you see what i meant was some people dress and act like  the villanus outlaws from the storys we hear about . they do it so they can use the story for their own advanges . kinda like impersonating a soldor or some one of high rankes. any way sir back to the issue at hand. nico is gone he was the last air to the throne  or at least the last right full one. should we send word to tom NO i  mean no tom will hear soon enough . A loud shrill ran through the room  as the door opened aurther had revilied him self so whats going on in here. Prince Nico is dead. what what do you mean dead i saw him  10 minutes ago.he came into my chamber and had a chat with me.he also said i have to talk to tom about the events. i think he knew he was going to die .Send word to tom NOW.


Trator Tomas Handcock                                                                                                                        we are sad to inform you                                                             your brother Nico is dead .                                                             he was killed by a man                                                         claming to be the shade slayer                                                             from your cousin Aurther                                                               And Uncel Remus.                                                                           (the message has been recived)


“Hate is not for the future king tom.” If you lead by hate you shall surely die in a shout of anger. The rage shall consume you and all that you have. You shall be the start of a bitter country. You shall be at war all your life with both your self and all of your country. So kill every one that makes you hate and protect the ones that make you love. But you and only you my lord has the right to deiced if your brother lives. i vow  that i will not take his life unless you give the word and i shall protect him if you say .to you i promis this


My brother is love and hate only a few select people know what he is like. Not even your leader knows what hes like. “Yes he does your father told us he was a killer. I even saw that dirt bag kill my best friend so how do i not know what he is like…. “DON’T CALL HIM A DIRT BAG.YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE DID TO GET OUT OF THAT FIGHT” He still killed major Cornelius wolf didn’t he.”


well yes but he did it only because he had to Do you know what he said to me before he went out to fight. He promised me he would try to come back out alive. He also said that he will protect me through this fight. Because he lived to protect his family. he protected me not because i am a prince but because i was his brother. he shouldn’t have died he shouldn’t. I know i cased him pain by betraying him but it was all i could do i couldn’t just say hello i am joining captain crow especially after you killed my father and almost killed me. you know he waited day and night beside me hoping that i would’t die he didn’t eat for three days just because he thought it was the right place to be. it wasn’t his fault no it was my own fault i made him feel so bad.i was almost sick with myself the moment the maid told me. he was asleep when i woke. hands covering my , hands and his eyes were rimed with red the maid said it was the first time heed fallen asleep in three days hes been very diligent every time some one walked in he threatens them with his sword until he figures out that there no threat then he simply but emotionally asks them is my brother alright.. all day every day the same thing over and over aging. that was the last smile i saw on his face it was only a few days after the funeral that i had left Nicos had no idea and that was because i knew that if he did he would beg to come with me.. i loved him so much i loved them all so much but i loved my little brother more then any of those people there


“if thats the case then why tom, why would you leave all that behind” derriks voice was almost sencier. “i left so i could try to change the way the kingdom is run with out beening watched by all eyes .i would be under no pretour but i could still do it. plus my uncle, uncle remus has been plotting to betray us me and my brother…. so i plan to kill him. i plan to sneak into the castel or get him out of the castel  and run my blade through his gizards…….




it had been days since nico had left the castel  he was running low on supplies and he had no idea where he was going. “HELP HELP ME O PLEASE HELP ME.” A man was running towords nico his eyes were red his skin pale . Sir please help me my wife shes stuck,shes stuck under a wagon. I don’t know what to do i need help,please sir please help me and my wife. nico could tell from just looking at the man it was the truth. “All right then lead the way .” “oh thank you.” nico and the man ran South wards for about 1/2 a killometer  befor nico could see their house it was a small ramshackeld little place but still liveable. a women was yelling James James Where are you pain filled her voice . the wagon wayd a fair bit but with two strong men it was fairly easy to lift. there you go  Maybel.Oh thank you James. oh dear it wasn’t just me this man helped as well. uh sorry i never did catch your name either. oh well my names Nico. well hello Nico my name is James hello James. Say are you i need of a place to stay nico well yes i gusse thankyou.. No NO its the least we can do after you helped my wife and me . well thankyou i appreciate it very much. later thaat evening Nico and James were talking about alsorts of things like how heavy the wagon was. and how game was over this part of the country….


“so Nico where you from”. “nothing im about to say is to go out of this room…” “yes yes whatever you say our lips are sealed” “My full name is Prince Nico pendragon.Leader of the Royal Army and Care taker to this country.” “whattt im so sorry i had no idea. if if i had i would have taken you back given you better food.


“No no people must not know im he Prince people think of me as an arrogant person and i hate the way royals get treated.id prefer to be treated how i act then by my tittle.so please just Nico no sir or prince treat me how you would treat a friend. oh yha well then i gusse its time for bed so ahh ill show you to your room Pri….. Nico” James was going to say prince but cut himself off. even though he was told to treat Nico as a normal person he felt it would not do him any good. he still tryed Nico noticed his uneasy ness  and offer to help around the house. thinking it would help if he acted as a friend would but he was wrong. ahhh well um i gusse that tommorrow we will be gethering the last of the hay harvest. ok then if you show me how to ill do it. all right then. nico could tel the man was happy about the response. gee wizz i thought hed mone and grone james was just thinking to himself thinking it wiser not to say it aloud. Nico slept well that night and he look fowerd to tommorowwo.


the morning was warm and the sun lit the ground like a torch in a dark hall way. “Nico Nico its time to get up.” “ahh oh yes sir.” “dont yes sir me just call me james alright” “yes james.” “thats better.” nico ate his brekfast and followed James down the field till they reached the futerest field.it was the last one to be harvested and most people had decided noy to help in this field.so it was just Nico James and  a few others.Ok Nico first you grab the scythe like this. the scythe was a strong weapon it had a long handel and a sharp rounded blade. “Then you simply swing at the hay they did this untill they had cut a small circle of hay then they hitched a small wagon to a horse and set the horse to work. Nico enjoyed the day as he felt what it was like to be a normal person he also enjoyed the simplicty of the meals he ate there.  it had about a month that nico had been there and Nico was loveing life he felt at home for the first time scince his mother died. Nico Nico you must pack up take some food and leave James dont be so rude. it was Maybel you could tell she was botherd about the sudden outburst. Maybel Nico must leave or we may well die two men came looking for troubel hopeing to get  a , man called Aurther down here and another man called Remuse they said they need to talk about Nico and his death …….


silence enterd the room Nico of course hearing the conversation decided it would be best to tell them  the whole story so he did. “ok im supossed to be dead you see i  have faked my death about a month ago i was walking around then you came in i was planning on try to find somthing about  tom and his new friend Derrick but plans changed when you came i mean iv lost my family no one should ever know that pain and i alaways do my best to protect my old subjects..


wwait hold on your alive you should be King Now Nico. “I dont deserve that tittle or even the one of suprem commander. I faild my one goal which was to protect my family.” “I will Never agine deserve the titels i once held dear.” i dont deserve the family i had……. “Maby not but all of you loved each other untill death. you and all high rnking people rely on your houner but us we rely on how we treat each other.” “you treat every one well even strangers who you dont know you care for every liveing thing.” “if thats not worth more then houner i dont know what is.” James voice was filled with love and warmth.


“you know what james your Right  care is defenetialy better than houner. now thankyou james,maybel and good bye.” with that nico speed out the door. he was going home learning that past leson. He knows how to rule but he still finds himself wishing his brother was still with him he also knew that this could only end  the way it started a dule to the death  but this time it will be between brothers. Every day scince his brother left all he could think about was how he thought hed failed his brother when truly he had’nt.


It was almost dark so nico set up his tent and got some fire wood. after hed started a fire he looked into it orange flames and saw somthing or some one its eyes glowed red he couldnt tell whether it was from rage or just the normal look. that took its toll on his body makeing it eeven harder to go 5 minutes with out pain. scince he had been on the road a while hed gotten robbed twice and beaten for his name three times he also ran into troubel in a bush and got a dirty big cut down one side……….. the fire was keeping it at bay whatever it was . that night Nico slept close to the fire and had his sword close by his side ready just in case this creature wasnt actully afraid of the fire the night seemed to pass without any troubel. Nicos eyes were shut but he could still see the light of the sun.his body felt heavy and warm wich was diffrent then normall. normally it was light and freezing.Nico opend his eyes and on his body was some creature was it the one he saw last night. the creature noticing the change of breathing it got up and looked at him eagerly. “The wolf has taken a mighty fine liking to you sir he won’t let us near you or at least not with out dieing first” the strangers voice was deep and cautious. Nico looked  at the dog its fur was jet black with spots of brown and white.his eyes were a light brown.his paws where white and his tail was tiped with more white….. the dogs paws were on his chest cutting off most of nicos breath. “off” nicos voice was kind but demanding. the dog was quick to obay.the dogs eyes never left Nico he seemed to follow nico every where.


“so what are you going to call him.” the man that nico could now see was a little taller than him and about twice his age. “i dont know i thought he was yours.” Nicos voice was catous and expecting.


“well i think i”ll call him shadow.” Nicos voice once more catouis


“shadow.” the dog heard the name and walked over almost like pround man, head held high ,tail waging and almost a smile on the dogs face. “i tink he likes that name oh talking about names, my name is phillipe marton wants yours young sir.” like others curiosity fillid his voice and it was also written all over his face. “my name is nico,nico andcock.” you know thats exactly the same as the dead prince or Missing prince i dont belive hes dead in fact i dont even belive hes a killer like the king said. i mean i saw him and about three men ride twords their cousins manchion just after the death of the king and the first heir left to go join the enemy. ah id kill dat boy if i had da chance.”  “I’m the ex-prince of hagun and i dont deserve the tittle of prince or leader of any sort.” nicos voice riddeled with pain and truth. oh um your maji…. nico cut him off befor he could say anymore.. “just call me nico.


after that it was silent for a while when nico decided that he should probebly get some food for shadow and for himself…. Nico stood up stretched and then walked over to his bow only to find it had been broken and by the looks of it it was a good clean cut. “oh ah sorry about that ……the boys ….jumped on it… you could tell that “phillipe” was lieing. a)his eyes wouldnt settell b)his body started to sweat and c)he kept pauseing as if to mentaly cheek what hes said. Nico knew that somthing was up. the fact his bow was cut not snapped and also the lies.. “well im gonna head off now.” Nicos voice full of mastre Ar no your not sir you see here we come to a dissagrement.i was sent here by a tratior and an out law they got m family and saying so surely you can see that iv got to bring you in to get them back. his voice a riddle of sadness , confusen and anger.


“Wait Maby we can work somthing out like.” “No i want my family back i need them back now.” “fine ill go with you BUT no harm is to befall me or the wolf on the way.” “Just dont make any troubel and no harm need come to ya.”


nicos hands left losse manily because shadow wouldnt let any one near him and the fact that Nico decided to come by himself.


the journy is about 25 killomeaters long food was a problem and Nicos Bow Was broken so no way of hunting


“wish i had some food for us boy” scincerity filled his voice. shadow simply looked at him and then walked off. it was three verey boring unevent full days later when shadow returned somthing or somethings where in his mouth. he ran up to nico and droped a 2 birds a rat and a squiral at nicos feet. nico looked at the dog in suprise.the dog seeing this gave up a loud hppy bark then sat his head in nicos lap eyes shut and mouth also his head was big and fluffy like a bears neatly kept pelt. the men closeset to me came running up to me. thats a mighty fine meal you got mind shareing. Nico new that if he said no they would take it by force and then they would be attaked. “i might let you have them all but first i want a new bow and some arrows so i can hunt for more.” there was silence for a moment as the men thought about the proposition….. “all right then but when you go hunting you must take three of us with you.”   That was the end of the talk and about 2 hours later when they passed through a town nico reminded all the men about there deal.two men jack and benjimen there names were walked around the town trying to find a quilty bow, after they finished walking around for a further 20 minutes .the two men  found a ramshackeld little building  singel story and very baddly built. the men knocked on the door.A man walked out he looked about 40 years of age a small build but suprisingly very small arms


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Fear of the Mind


Fear of the mind


The room is dark like a grave -> simile and imagery

The curtains are shut

The door is locked

But something is inside the house


Tap tap tap the feet are coming closer -> onomatopoeia

Sniggering coming from the dark

Screeching coming closer until

You can fell the creature’s breath


Its face is in the light

Its skin is blacker than black itself -> metaphor

Like a fire its eyes are bright but deadly

Terror has overcome my sanity

Good bye


This person died soon after due to their imagination

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the new found hate


“Hate is not for the future king tom.” If you lead by hate you shall surely die in a shout of anger. The rage shall consume you and all that you have. You shall be the start of a bitter country. You shall be at war all your life with both your self and all other countrys. So kill every one that makes you hate and protect the ones that make you love. But you and only you my lord has the right to decied if your brother lives.

My brother is love and hate only a few select people know what he is like. Not even your leader knows what hes like. “Yes he does your father told us he was a cold blooded killer. I even saw that dirt bag kill my best friend.

“DON’T CALL HIM A DIRT BAG.YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE DID TO GET OUT OF THAT FIGHT” He still killed major cornilius wolf didn’t he.”

Do you know what he said to me befor he went out to fight. He promised me he would try to come back out alive. He also said that he will protect me throgh this fight. Because he lived to protect his family but he protected me not because im a prince but because im his brother.

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my short story of a very long story


The Conflict Within Nico

I love my brother I love him so much but but he betrayed me. he was my friend my best friend . I lived to protect him I live to look up to him as a younger brother should. He sed to scold me and have me whiped every time i failed him. but every time i would get closer and closer untill i knew i could get to hime every time. Befor any trouble ever came to him. Even After he had me whiped i still loved him.

i almost had him killed i jumped out of the way thinking that hed gotten out of the room. “ahh i should have thougt more clearly.That is the last time because from now hes not my brother.he left after narrowly escaping death it self.that wound almost in the base of his neck.”  why did he betray me he WAS my brother.he has officaly lost my love my trust and most of all my respect for him.from now on he is an enemy of my fathers country if seen he must be brought here so he can be hung.

(posting more in the future)

some more short stories will be published on Friday every week

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are 7I the best


7I are the best cus well I don’t know

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hurry for your goals


hi people.

have you achieved your goals yet if not you should hurry we have approx. 10 weeks .

seems like a long time but in truth its not .

so hurry to reach your goals .

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feelings of depression


hi people.

have you being feeling depressed lately?

well just to let you know its ok well all feel depressed at one stage or another .

just do what I do:

try and hide you depression or just act like you tired …

I do it all the time.

But then aging  its also good to tell your friends about why your depressed because sometimes it helps to talk about why your upset .it helps to clear your load a bit. Its also supposed to help you sleep better.so if you feel depressed just try this for your self


from year 7 Toby Gang

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